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Principals; A. (Aspasia) Qùermüt Jhéön


Stephen P. Dresch, Chairman

"Forensic intelligence in the public interest!"

Defending Liberty!! Exposing Corruption!!
Report infringements of liberty and public corruption and to:
Jhéön & Associates, c/o aspasia@alpha.c2.org.

Confidentiality of informants will be protected.

Jhéön & Associates is an informal association of individuals dedicated to the principles of liberty and devoted to the exposure and extirpation of corruption. Their experience has led them to view public corruption as the primary motivation for and consequence of violations of fundamental liberties. Working in small groups, associates have exposed massive embezzlement from a public university, corrupt practices in the solid and toxic waste industries, and the death by starvation of a young woman in a licensed foster home after abuse had been repeatedly reported to officials. They are currently pursuing various tentacles of the Michigan House Fiscal Agency scandal, corrupt practices in environmental regulation and in the professional engineering industry, and fraud in local government use of state and federal grants.

As a voluntary, noncorporate consortium, Jhéön & Associates does not provide contract services. However, the association does attempt to assist individuals and groups whose liberties are threatened or who confront corrupt activities.

Principals of Jhéön & Associates are currently collaborating on a book tentatively entitled Conflict of Interest: The Politics of Greed and the Subversion of the Public Trust. Focusing primarily on the state of Michigan, the book will chronicle corruption at all levels of government.

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Principals of Jhéön & Associates:

Stephen P. Dresch
"Dresch with a Russian Soul," charcoal drawing by Balagazov, Arbat Str., Moscow, 28.10.88.

Political economist (Ph.D., Yale) and philosopher (A.B., Miami-Ohio); former elected member of the Michigan House of Representatives ('91-2) and Congressional primary candidate ('92); founder (with Aspasia Qùermüt Jhéön) of Jhéön & Associates.

While Dresch's career has been devoted primarily to research and scholarship at institutions such as the National Bureau of Economic Research and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, from 1985 to 1990 he served as dean of Michigan Technological University's School of Business and Engineering Administration, exposing corruption in the University's "unrelated business conglomerate" (the Ventures Group), eventually forcing the prosecution and incarceration of senior University officials.

In the aftermath of his exposure of University corruption Dresch left academe and defeated an entrenched incumbent in an historically one-party district to become State Representative from the Western Upper Peninsula's vast 110th district.

As a member of the Michigan legislature Dresch was renowned for his defense of civil liberties. Through public exposure he forced the state bureaucracy to end star-chamber proceedings against persons accused of child abuse or neglect (a secret Comprehensive Register of Child Abuse and Neglect). He introduced legislation which would have guaranteed the First Amendment rights of students in the state's colleges and universities and would have empowered citizens to take action against corrupt officials. A true 19th Century liberal, Dresch advocated decriminalization of victimless crimes, privatization of education, debureaucratization of economic life and radical reductions in the scope of government.

E-mail: sdresch@up.net; Phone/Fax: (906)482-4899; Telex: (WUI)6502656085mci;
Address: the Kauth house, 318 Cooper Avenue, Hancock, MI 49930.

Wendy Stanek Thrasher
Crime-busting housewife and mother of eight children, featured in numerous national documentaries.

After experiencing personally the tragic consequences of official toleration of the illicit drug trade, Stanek Thrasher decided to take action. Working undercover with local, state and federal law enforcement officials in Iron County, Michigan, her undercover activity led to the successful prosecution of 27 illegal drug dealers. Threatened, she moved to Arizona as part of the federal Witness Protection Program, where she continued her undercover efforts. Since returning to the Upper Peninsula, she has continued to fight corruption and criminality in all walks of life.

Phone: (906)875-3648

Joseph Callewaert
Retired Detroit Police detective sergeant and polygraph examiner; graduate of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics' Investigators Training School; qualified anti-sniper fire-arms expert; lecturer in advanced criminal interrogation; state licensed advanced police training instructor; former commissioner, Crawford County (Grayling), Michigan.

After witnessing the distorting effects of corruption on urban law enforcement and the "Criminal Justice" system, and experiencing urban combat during various Detroit riots, Callewaert discovered that rural Michigan is not immune to corruption's subversion of the culture of society. Through his experiences as a county commissioner Callewaert has become especially interested in political corruption, influence peddling in the solid waste industry, racketeering, and other organized criminal cartels.

Phone/Fax: (517)348-2148

Jack McHugh
Libertarian political theorist and activist.

McHugh is particularly dedicated to the struggle for rights recognized by the Second and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution (the right to keep and bear arms and property rights).

Phone/Fax: (906)428-4170

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A. Qùermüt Jhéön

A. (Aspasia) Qùermüt Jhéön was the inspiration for and cofounder with Stephen P. Dresch of Jhéön & Associates. Of Armenian, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Persian and Scots-Irish ancestry, Jhéön's parents, well-known Eurasian anarcho-libertarians, renowned for their knowledge of ancient Greek history and philosophy, named her in honor of the intelligent, witty and influential consort (470?-410 B.C.) of the Athenian statesman and general, Pericles (?-429 B.C.). Despite her illustrious name-sake, in her adolesence and early adjulthood Jhéön, tall with reddish-blond hair, acclaimed for her "Irish" beauty, led a rather Bohenian life devoted to the principles espoused by her mentor Frieda Lawrence, widow of D. H. Lawrence.

After meeting Dresch (in a Budapest bistro) in 1983, she devoted herself to the organization of "fifth-column" movements in Bulgaria, Armenia and Russia, risking the fate of her great-grandfather, Alphonse Jhéön, a promient Armenian anarchist imprisoned by the Ottoman emperor for seducing members of the royal harem and hanged by czarist agents after the defeat of the Turks in Bulgaria in 1878. [A monument to Alphonse Jhéön, financed by a consortium of nationalist-anarchist societies, stands today in the central square of Yerevan.] Surviving, in 1985 Aspasia followed Dresch to Hancock, Michigan, establishing her base of operations "sufficiently far north of the Artic Circle as to escape surveillance," although she continues to spend a substantial proportion of her time in underground activity in Central and Southeastern Europe and elsewhere.

Jhéön's current efforts focus on organization of Abraham Lincoln Brigades of volunteers to fight on various sides in the Balkan conflicts. In this she is pursuing her objective of "privatizing" the foreign policy of the United States, permitting individual citizens to support those causes to which they are devoted.

Still something of a Bohemian, Aspasia spends her summers with several friends from her days as a student at the University of Dublin, travelling from pub to pub on the west coast of Ireland, playing their flutes in exchange for meals, drinks and lodging. Their performances have won wide acclaim and a devoted following of locals and perennial tourists (not restricted to covert intelligence agents).

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Jhéön & Associates:
E-mail: sdresch@up.net; Phone/Fax: (906)482-4899; Telex: (WUI)6502656085mci;
Address: the Kauth house, 318 Cooper Avenue, Hancock, MI 49930.